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*** Festive Learning ***

Happy Navratri ✨

Finally, feeling some festive vibes when you get to dress up for the festivals.

Festivals are more of creating that aura around and soak everyone into the vibes.

For some reason this year we did the Kanya Pooja early i.e. today which is otherwise performed on Ashtami.

So it was a full house in the morning with all little kanya’s that came to bless us with our little bhairav.

We performed few rituals with them and such a pleasure looking at them enjoying their Halwa, Chana, Puri as prasad not to forget they were so elated to receive gifts.

This is something we didn’t do earlier but with past two years trying to inculcate & learn so much from the rituals.

Every year, I look forward to do something different & most importantly learn from the festivals.

It’s always a pleasure to gain & create an experience for the family & kids on festivals.

Do you also learn something from festive rituals or just soak in the enjoyment part??


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