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*** Career break to Mompreneur ***

Once you face a career break, I am sure it feels like broken inside for a while until you discover a way out to your dreams fulfilling again.

Sharing few thoughts through my experience that helped me feel a bit independent in past two months:-

👉 Discover your talent or passion – It can be while you’re into an already fix job/parenting role. Keep exploring your skills through every experience.

👉 Develop the required Skills – Once you feel interested in something and wish to explore that thing start developing on the basic skills required.

👉 Specific Goal – If you want to venture into something define your goals/create a vision for long term and work towards it.

👉 Make it worth – Make sure your time & efforts are utilised fully to implement your new goal.

👉 Be Patient  –  Above all you will need to be lot more patient in implementing your dreams/goals.

👉 Persistence – Difficulties are going to be part of anything you plan to do so being persistent in your work will take you long way.

👉 Make connections – Having a good social connection with other moms & people will definitely get you going in making a small space in their heart.

Hope this pointers will help few mom’s who still have that fire to do something after becoming a mom or a career break.

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