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*** Ten Grateful Experiences of 2020 ***

Twenty twenty isn’t anyone’s favourite year for sure. But I am thankful for this year, I had ten beautiful experiences in middle of the pandemic & covid.

1️⃣ On occasion of sharav’s birthday every year we feed few kids in an ngo which was doubtful this year but we did it anyway only thing is we couldn’t visit the place. Also we made food packets for migrant workers during their way back home.

2️⃣ Donated my most loved possession my hair for cancer patients. It gave another level of joy & contentment to pass on a part of you to someone you don’t know.

3️⃣ I dared to Homeschool my toddler which otherwise I wouldn’t. We enjoy doing activites & fun plays.

4️⃣ Made sure to write more & post consistently throughout compared to my two years post. Remember the competition is always to better yourself.

5️⃣ Stepped out of my comfort zone & created something which is now making little space in many hearts. My new baby (@mystic.wisdom.flow )

6️⃣ Made new friends and can’t thank enough for having them to always support & show love towards my work.

7️⃣ Maintained my weight throughout the lockdown irrespective of all the eating which never happens usually it tends to shoot up the moment I start eating in  indiscipline manner. (Thanks to No – Maid days)

8️⃣ Travelled after almost 3.5yrs for a holiday. A lot of risk but that’s the beauty when you adapt yourself to the new normal and be resilient with the situation.

9️⃣ Love my Work from Home/Mobile can you believe without stepping out of the house for long hours that too during the lockdown.

🔟 Celebrated Festivals with the same zeal & enthusiasm like every year. Specially with being confined to homes festivals give an opportunity to dress up and kids feel so special.

So these are the ten things, I am grateful for this year. We need to start looking at the positives inside and around our life’s first than to blame the time or year.

Let me know in comments about your grateful experiences during this year.

Happy Dussehra ✨



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