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*** Proud of Myself ***

How many of us say this to ourselves??

The daily grind & hustle somewhere leaves you so drained that you forget to acknowledge your self worth.

In the last few days, I have been more proud of myself for pulling off the days with utmost compassion & efficiency.

Not only, I had to be the care provider but also take self care at the same time imagine what level of motivation you need to do these both roles.

In normal case, I know myself would have taken a backseat but here I had to take care of myself and keep things functional in the house.

It’s never easy to manage everything together house, kids & my health (without any helps). All I tried doing was to stay calm & composed during these days and everything fell in place smoothly.

I appreciate my kids they have been the most kindest during such times and adapted to all the changes quickly. It’s a phase we experienced & trying to overcome slowly.

It’s the time people should be empathic towards eachother than showing fake sympathy.

I believe to emerge out stronger version of myself after this experience.

Thank you all for checking upon & sending love in dm’s.

Seems, I can’t stay away from writing may be because it helps me vent out my thoughts so you may expect my regular post here on… 💕


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