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*** Self Love is Hard ***

Definetly takes time and many kind of experiences to understand what self love means to you.

We do many things in life on basis what people will think of you or your standards or family in society.

From childhood we are conditioned that we or the things we do should get validation for example ‘very good’ ‘looks nice’ & so on etc.

Above that if you’re an average person over all your life who struggled to get the visibility all your emotions and experiences will go overboard.

I wish when in childhood we were taught to write myself we included more about our feelings & emotions rather describing the family history.

It’s much complicated though we still find our happiness in what others do or we expect them to do but above all you need no dependency for falling in love with yourself.

Few affirmations, I feel will help you embark on self love journey :-

💕 My feelings matter.
💕 My voice is important.
💕 My thoughts are functional.
💕 I can take decisions.
💕 I am beautiful inside out.
💕 I have the confidence.
💕 I can create my happiness.
💕 I can take responsibility.
💕 I can face the problems.
💕 I can spread positivity.
💕 I am proud of myself.

So beautiful people love yourself up and above others expectations. Life is meant to be an adventure hold on yourself with self love.

Let me know in comments what self love means to you??


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