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*** Diwali Props + Saree ***

Every year, I dress up only when we actually do the pooja and end up getting only few clicks because with kids around you hardly get any time to click properly after the rituals.

So this year, a thought came why not do a  proper shoot with props & dressing up game. It was a complete mee time you can say to add up when your kid is asleep it’s awesome time.

My mind these days is just flowing with various decor ideas and it’s just pops up and I execute it in minutes.

Made this Hula Hoop Prop in minutes after I decided to grab & drape my mil’s saree to flaunt it for festive shoot.

However, we have just overcome a dreadful experience but that’s just a phase and this diwali is no less than a celebration in itself.

The house is lit, diyas are decorated in every corner, lights are up on the windows, sweets are distributed & above all feeling grateful for healthy & hearty days back.

Do let me know how did you like this prop idea and if you wanna see more pics from this shoot on the grid.

Happy Choti Diwali everyone. ✨

Love & Light,

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