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*** Little Joys of Diwali ***

After all the hush hush and celebrations would like to take a minute and recollect all the little joys gained & spreaded.

💕 We all recovered in time for diwali the first & foremost thing that makes it a special one & calls for celebration.

💕 It gave immense happiness to buy decor items & diyas from local artisans while it really added value to their & mine diwali.

💕 Donated pre-loved clothes & things to the needy. Contributed towards orphan children’s education.

💕 My kids were happy to explore various rangoli tools & made designs for diwali an experience that shall stay with them when they grow up.

💕 My diwali was lit with handmade, old decor items & vibrant diyas adding their spark to our special days.

💕 This year my venture seeked blessings during Chopda Poojan/Laxmi Poojan. Also sharav embarked on his educational journey on diwali day.

💕 I managed to pull of two saree’s in a row and it was fun dressing up. Celebrating yourself should never be an option it’s a choice you make consciously.

💕 Din’t bother for perfect pictures while enjoyed getting clicked candidly & ofcourse selfies to the rescue.

💕 Relished guilt free Homemade food & sweets.

Please excuse my drape in this pic it was accidentally taken but I love how candid it turned out so it had to be on the feed.

Comment below which little joys you experienced this diwali?

Saal Mubarak! ✨💞

Love & Light,

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