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*** Covid Positive Part – 1 ***

It’s a fact now that even if you move out or no you might catch the infection someday. You need to prepare yourself to face this situation specially if you have small kids in the house.

So yes this happened just few days before diwali. I definetly wanted to share my experience but not in between the festivities because then people might miss on reading an important post.

Initially, I was the care provider for the people who tested positive in the family and eventually I too started having some symptoms and i did test positive.

The starting two days were tough managing house, chores & 3 kids above that me feeling weakness & body ache etc.

So the situation was such we already had two people sent to quarantine center, one isolated & me also positive except two males of the family & kids.

They say if your CT value is less than 15-20 then you need proper isolation and you might transfer the infection to others.

But luckily we all had CT value above 20 and so we started treatment being home quarantined under our family doctor’s observation.

There was a major delimma when my husband also did his test that if he also tests positive we will have to send kids to some other place or we will have to move to quarantine center.

Again luckily he tested negative which gave us a sigh of relief. So the house had to function normally except any helpers & more precautions.

Did we isolate?
What home remedies we did?
How did we manage kids?
What about the house chores?


To be continued…

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