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*** Covid Positive Part 2 ***

Now how did we get infected is unsure it can be anything from anywhere right.

Starting days you might feel you’re alright but slowly the symptoms might show like fever, loss of taste & smell etc and that’s when you need to test yourself.

However, I was somewhat mentally prepared and took this as any other normal cold cough only difference was there was a sore throat, loss of taste & smell & body weakness for a week.

As far as your oxygen level & temp is under normal range you can easily take care of yourself at home continue with your normal chores.

Talking about Kids their immunity is strong and they are already taking regular vaccinations. So your kids can absolutely be you only thing is you need to mask up 24hrs (except while sleeping) and wear gloves while you attend them.

It’s more of a mind game if you feel much weak and not sure of being home then you can surely admit into a quarantine center.

But otherwise you can continue with your daily chores at home with gloves on and use disposal cutlery & wash your clothes yourself. Ideally keep only one or two clothes that you can throw away once you recover.

We did the basic milk, tea, kids food at home & tiffin service for adults. To keep the chores minimal disposable cutleries were used like glass, plates & bowls.

Other home remedies that helped along:-
👉 Homemade kadha.
👉 Hot water throughout the day.
👉 Turmeric & dry ginger powder in hot water.
👉 Turmeric milk at night.
👉 Include more proteins in diet.
👉 Avoid junk eating.
👉 Eat regularly even if it seems tasteless.

The medicines will surely give you good doze of sleep and the rest you require to recover.

When to test again?
After effects of covid?
How many days it took to recover?


To be continued…

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