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*** Covid Positive Part – 3 ***

This post is in continuation to earlier two post which is a series of blogs on our covid positive experience.

So if you have missed you can checkout my previous two post on the blog/feed. Don’t forget to share or save for your future reference.

After you start with medications recovery starts in say 4 -5 days & we were prescribed to test again after 7 days of testing positive.

If you test negative you need to home quarantine for another 7 days or until 14 days from your Symptoms. So for the second time we all tested negative and continued to be home quarantine.

You need to complete your course of medicines given for 15 days. There is some weakness & tiredness for next few days which I suppose are the after effects of covid. Even the tastebuds take time to activate again.

You may feel fully recovered within 15 days but you still need to continue with your immunity boosters & vitamin c intake.

That’s all treat it just like a mind game and you will battle this infection positively.

We all are pretty much aware and responsible for our own health in such situations.

So stay safe strictly step out only with mask & precautions.

Hope you found these series useful & informative in a simplified manner.

Thank you for sending your love & wishes in this difficult times.

Pls note: We are all well recovered now and it’s an experience shared to create more awareness about covid phase.


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