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*** Being Nice & Beyond ***

Sharing one insightful thought from the communications grooming session. I hope it would give you a new direction of thought towards yourselves.

As women we are always expected to be “Nice” in terms of talking, doing work, getting the work done, obliged to carry out our duties well only then we are considered as Nice.

Now one thing the mentor said to us you don’t always need to be nice to everyone. But if you aren’t nice you are immediately labelled as bad.

Can we have a broader perspective in between being nice & bad. You’re a woman and you can be more than just being nice.

You can be assertive, toned & straight forward with your opinions & way of getting the work done. People around you don’t need to feel nice about you all the time right.

Often people take you granted for you being too nice or polite or respectful. But at times being nicer to yourself is also important.

So don’t leave yourself behind for someone to feel nice about you. You can be nice & beyond someone else’s perspective.

So ladies wake up, dress up & be “Nice & Beyond”.


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