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*** Reading Books to Toddlers ***

You need not be an expert to read a story to your child nor do you need tons of books to interest your kids.

You can create your own ways of telling stories, recollecting some experience or some place which toddlers can relate to easily.

Story Books do play an important role as it helps them equip their imaginations.

I have been reading to him since he was 3months old and now at 2.5yrs he pretty much takes an active interest in reading books.

Few things, I make sure to do while reading to him:-

1. Let them observe the illustrations on their own.
2. Point out things while you read along.
3. Be loud & clear with your pronunciations.
4. Try to enact or express or add finger puppets when possible.
5. Voice modulations help a lot to keep them hooked.
6. Ask them questions in between.
7. Repeat books weekly/fortnightly.
8. Introduce new books with time.
9. Somedays ask them which book they want to read.
10. Let them see books around in a shelf, basket or tray.

Initially, their attention span is very less so go slow and be consistent in reading to them even if they aren’t listening to you it’s okay.

You continue reading with different voice modulations and they will surely come back to see what is so interesting that you seem to be engrossed in the story.

I hope this pointers will surely help you sail through if you feel stuck or wanna start fresh with reading to your toddler on regular basis.

Please note he does has his share of screen time but we make sure to read 2-3 books daily before his afternoon naps.

Let me know in comments how do you develop your toddler’s reading habits. More suggestions are welcome… 👇


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