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*** Setting up an Activity Routine ***

To make kids/toddlers sit and do activities isn’t an easy task. It first of all needs a lot of preparedness from the mother/father who dedicates a specific time for the same.

Now why activities are important??

They primarily helps channelize your child’s curiosity & develops lot of other skills when they dedicatedly do some activity.

In the process, you as a parent comes to know what are your child’s interest and on which other things they need to develop interest.

Activities can be in any form all around the house not necessarily you should buy N no. of toys or activity boxes.

Sharing few important points that would help them understand it’s activity time:-

1. Dedicated Activity Space :- When they do certain things in one place/corner it conditions their senses that ok now it’s time to eat or do activities. It can be their chair & table, mat or any corner where they feel comfortable.

2. A Fix time for Activities :- Observe when your kid is super active and utilise that time to make them do various activities. A fix time helps set a routine for them and it won’t be much of a trouble to make them sit for activities.

3. Use Floor Space :- Certain activities are messy or include lot of loose parts or free play a floor will give them freedom to do it more comfortably. Activities like painting,  building blocks, open ended toys, pretend plays can be done on floor mats.

4. Use Trays/Mats/baskets – Always keep a tray or mat around while doing some montessori activities. It lets them know that the loose parts need to be kept in the tray or on the mat itself and it becomes easier to wind up activities.

5. Let them Explore :- Always let them explore the activity & see if they can figure out what is to be done. Then slowly show them or ask them to do it with small instructions. Don’t straight away start giving instructions they won’t listen.

Always suggest start slowly with less time duration and then increase the no. of activities with time.

Let me know in comments if this was helpful. 👇😊


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