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*** DIY Toddler Busyboard – II ***

We made our first diy Busyboard when he was around 15 months which had music, lights, mirror, indian latches, spinner, ball hammer, ribbons etc.

Since now he’s outgrown most of those things, I decided to update his board as per his growing needs which would help develop his Pre-writing & Cognitive skills.

Let me take you through things I have added :-

🧮 Counting Beads – It consists of 100 colourful beads which will help in this pre-maths skills. Just hung up can be removed whenever we need it for another activity. Sourced from @firstcryindia

🧮 Zips, Valcro tape, Buckles – Sourced from local market and arranged them into horizontal & vertical ways. Great for developing their fine motor skills also they learn to operate them on their own.

🧮 Shoe Lace – Another daily life skill as they grow up is to tie their own shoe lace, make knots again a great tool for their fine & gross motor skills. Sourced from @firstcryindia

🧮 Led Lights & Push Lights – Lights often fascinate toddlers added with a switch gives them a safe space to play. Push lights are battery operated available on amazon.

🧮 Gear Wheels, Clock, Pattern Board – Since he would be starting with his writing next year all this would help in his Pre-writing skills. Sourced from @happysouls_india

🧮 Number Tracing board – Tracing helps them remember the pattern and makes it easier for them write for now started with numbers. Sourced from @firstcryindia

🧮 Shapes Sorter – These are from his toys just added in a vertical format on the board so he can fix the appropriate shapes on his own.

🧮 Chalkboard – This will encourage him to scribble a lot and also adds value to their early years learning. Received this as a return gift and we thought this would be the best way to use it.

That’s all on our updated busy board checkout the video and how much sharav loved using all the new things.

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