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*** Toddler Book Haul ***

Most of our books are hands down from his cousins but sometimes we are done reading them that’s when I feel to buy other books.

Our recent visit  @booksbyweight we got our hands on some amazing new books. They keep hosting exhibitions of new & pre-loved books over the city.

My picks are very simple in nature no fancy stories but I try to pick the ones that my child can relate with his life & pick some values from the book.

Checkout below the glimpse of each book shared separately. All books teach something or the other through their big illustrations & story line.

📚 Hooray For Fish (Book full of Patterns)

📚 Dinosaur Roar (Opposites)

📚 Don’t call me Sweet (Little Monster)

📚 Why the Sky is Blue? (Toddler Q & A)

📚 Maisy Tidies Up (Cleaning)

📚 Wash, Scrub, Brush. (Hygiene)

📚 The boy who said No (Toddler Phase)

📚 When I go to the Supermarket (Social Skills)

📚 Noisy Bottoms (Everyone Fart’s)

I am not sure if they are available online but you can #savethispost for the book names if you wish to buy them anyday.

Hope you like our new book collection comment below which book you liked the most?


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