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***Grow through your Journey ***

This year being my most productive year on this page/blog would like to share what helped me stay patient & grow steadily in this journey.

👉 Experiment with your content – This will give you an idea which kind of post are more liked or saved. Sometimes it’s due to good pictures/videos sometimes good content & with time you know to strike a balance .

👉 Decide your niche – Be clear about what you want to share on your page specifically if it’s only about cute baby pictures or motherhood/parenting or diy kids activities or lifestyle etc mention that in your bio that gives a jist about your page to any new profile visitor.

👉 Invest time into your content – Anything needs time & patience to grow be it a business or blogging so always work on your own content before grabbing some collabs. People will be more interested in your original content than the sponsored content.

👉 Have a Vision for your journey – Blogging in a way is like creating a pool of information from your wisdom & experience. You never know who may come across your blogs from any part of the world so your own blog site would act as a great asset irrespective of social media apps. (Check my blogsite link in bio)

👉 Benchmark for barter & paid collabs – Big brands run barter campaigns on a large scale leaving the blogger or Influcencer with a very less scope of paid commercial in hand. So you either hold your value as per your follower count and let your work do the talking.

👉 Post consistently – It’s okay to take a break or wait for some days until you get back to track. Otherwise if you have a clear set of content ideas just go with the flow. Daily Stories can keep your followers hooked & chances are they may engage on your post often.

👉 Know when to take a break – It’s important to take timely breaks whenever you feel going overboard with too much work. Our priorities keep changing and taking small break strikes the work life balance for bloggers.

👉 Respect your work – Don’t just post pictures/video’s for the sake of your mood of the day. Share what would define your intentions of being on this platform use this space wisely. Give honest product reviews & stick to your values while doing any collabs.

Save & Share with your blogger friends.


Konica 💖

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