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*** Kite Flying lessons ***

Some snippets from his kite flying experience. I love how he’s grown up every year from tearing apart the kites to just posing with them to holding the manjha & now also trying to fly his own kite.

Now a day’s kite flying isn’t much encouraged in the city due to many reasons.

I am glad we get to enjoy these small events on our terrace with his mama, daddy & cousins every year.

Small acts they do helps develop lot of other skills:-

πŸͺ Holding the Firki in different angles.
πŸͺ Keeping the pace of the Manjha upwards.
πŸͺ Choosing the colour & designs for their kites
πŸͺ Identifying different sizes of kites.
πŸͺ Observing the kite flying so high in the sky.
πŸͺ Jumping & giving an initial fly to the kite.
πŸͺ Winding up the Manjha in the Firki.
πŸͺ Gets an idea of wind directions & which way to fly.

Few life lessons they may also learn :-

πŸͺ Develop a strong base (kani) only then it would soar higher

πŸͺ Not necessarily your kite will fly in one shot likewise life doesn’t give you everything in one shot.

πŸͺ Learns to maintain the pace of their kite (dreams) in the right direction.

πŸͺ Your kite may not always keep soaring someone might just cut it & it may just get stuck somewhere you need to accept that & move on.

πŸͺ Try again & never give up on your dreams.

Comment below your kite flying experience or memories. πŸ‘‡


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