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*** Magnify their Curiosity ***

These days my toddler loves to pick things from any shop that we visit and he got his hands on magnifying glass.

Initially i showed him how to use and then he started exploring ways to look at things differently through the magnify glass.

I purposely gave him small objects to see through how big they look when viewed through the glass this gives them an idea about the concept.

I am glad how such a simple thing can help magnify their curiosity as well to perceive things differently.

We intend to use it outdoors too and now I plan to carry one with me wherever we go so instead of getting bore he can start looking at things through his magnify glass.

This will not only help him observe more but also remember the things he saw through them.

A good self play option for toddlers anywhere anytime.

If you like our idea and try it do tag us we would be happy to feature you on our stories.

Happy Exploring lil curious minds.


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