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*** Nature Zones for Toddlers ***

The days are just flying away with mom duties in place and building new habits & routines for my little one.

Life is too short to be boring at one place right. So, I wish to take him different places & experience the free play nature or city has to offer.

So over the weekend we been to two completely different places and I clearly saw the difference at which place my toddler enjoyed the more.

One was a mall with all high tech gaming zone where he tried playing some machine games but was still not happy to try all of them though he enjoyed playing a throw ball game with minimal machine thing involved.

Other one was a beach where he was completely free to play, create & discover new things. An open environment close to nature play he found his comfort and independent play.

Our recent visits to beach has become our favourite go to place where we all get to play, read, observe, search for shells, make sand castle’s & ofcourse relish some beach food’s.

With this experience, I realised you actually don’t need fancy places or playareas to keep your child occupied or to enjoy things to their hearts content.

A simple stroll in the garden, nature walks, petting zoo’s, beaches are great treasures filled with sensory environment for toddlers to explore .

So what would you prefer mom’s high tech gaming zones or peaceful nature zones??

Comment below.


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