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*** Kids Safety on Social Media ***

This topic has been of concern ever since I have been on this platform as a mom blogger.

We as mom’s are so in awe of our kids cuteness/milestones that we feel to share it happily with the world out here.

But today i would like to share few things I particularly follow while posting about my child on social media.

Our kids have a life of their own and we need to maintain certain privacy too.

❌ Never post live locations.
❌ Never post real time pictures/videos.
❌ Refrain from posting any semi-naked /naked photos/videos.
❌ Never disclose their fav foods/toys/anything close to them.
❌ Avoid posting their eating videos.
❌ Avoid sharing their vulnerable moments.
❌ Avoid tagging places they go regularly like any class/school.

✅ You can blur their faces.
✅ Post side /back clicked photos.
✅ Dress them appropriately.
✅ Share some cute moment’s.
✅ Document their milestones.
✅ Share any memorable experience.
✅ Share content as per your niche.
✅ Try and capture them in natural state.

Everyone has a life beyond these squares and who knows someday I might just stop sharing anything about my child or me it’s all my choice.

But, I love the fact I get to connect with so many mom’s all over the world without any boundaries.

Someone may know more about me by reading my blogs sitting in some other part of the world than meeting me in person so it all depends how much you’re willing to connect with me online or offline.

Let’s keep this a happy space until then.


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