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*** Diaper Free Nights ***

I always dreaded this phase as to how would we transition completely off diapers and at what age.

He’s been off diapers for day time while at home which initially led to many accidents but with time now he realises pretty much about his body.

So glad we waited for him to be able to speak about his needs and understand his body.

Important thing is he is able to understand when he needs to use the washroom & doesn’t like wearing diapers anymore.

Now slowly we are off diaper for nights as well and using our @superbottoms training pants as they are super comfortable and leak proof.

We make him pee before sleep & as soon as he wakes up. Though, I keep checking him in between and as soon as I find it wet I change him to another training pants.

So yes we are still in the middle of the transition but happy that we are doing this with his body & mind readiness.

Another major milestone to be achieved before turning three.


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