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*** Toddler Activities at Home – I ***

It’s been a year that we started doing activities at home. I share lot of activities we do on insta stories which is much easier & are also highlighted in my profile for reference.

I find it more time consuming & run on patience in making a post for each activity. So I thought to collectively put them together for a video post.

All our activities are interest driven, montessori inspired & impromptu at times.

Focus was to keep my lil toddler engaged while he’s working on his fine & gross motor, co-ordination & thinking skills.

His little hands have worked hard over the year from holding, pressing, splashing, pouring, rolling, stamping, sticking, picking, painting etc.

Since, he was only over 18+ months we did lot of sensory based plays at that moment and gradually kept upgrading with the activities.

I can see him effectively develop readiness for writing skills, logical thinking, practising manners & being independent in few tasks.

Also it gives a  feeling of content looking back at the year when i choose to invest in him & help discover his interest in various things.

Last year was full of play based learning while we look forward to learn more new concepts this year.

Do try this simple activities with your toddlers & tag us. ❤️


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