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*** Toddler Activities at Home – II ***

I shared few of the activities in my previous post which we did post 18+months.

Sharing another set of activities that we did along as he turned 2yrs. Includes lot of rhyme play, sensory play, counting, sorting, rescuing, Sand Play, diy activities, puzzles and lot more.

Again going with your child’s interest would help plan activities accordingly. If they are speaking fluently by 2yrs you can do lot of vocabulary activities with Flashcards & Activity sheets.

Let them scribble a lot with chalk, crayons, pencils or sketch pens etc. This will help develop their finger/pincer grip for writing skills.

You can also include lot of kitchen & Lifeskills activities though not included in this video but they are in our homeschooling highlights.

Playdoh & Sand Play gives best self play opportunity but under observation while they create, destroy & build their imaginations.

Just documenting our activities until now. If you like then save & share with your mom friends.


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