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*** Learning Materials ***

In the digital age, we mom’s strive to provide the best of Learning materials to our kids.

Listing few of the learning materials that are useful in intriguing the curiousity among toddlers.

👉 Flashcards – Effective & very first way of introducing any object/concept from infant stage to toddlers.

👉 Books – No doubt books with illustrations, pop-ups, lift the flap, sensory touch & feel enriches their learning experience.

👉 Activity Worksheets – Lot of reusable & valcro based printables are available online & ready to buy as well. Surely encourages concept based learning in kids

👉 Whiteboard/Chalkboard – Gives a free hand to your toddler for scribbling, drawing & practise Pre-writing skills. Magnetic letters & numbers can be used on magnetic board.

👉 Maps/ Charts – Big charts or Maps makes way for developing their visual memory & makes learning fun. You can play various I Spy activities through it.

👉 Interview Based Activities –  You get lot of interview based activities from toy libraries that help develop cognitive, imaginative & vocabulary skills etc.

👉 Pre-writing Skills – Montessori activities are best way to practice before letting them hold chalks or pencils. Use sand/salt/rice trays to trace & make patterns.

These pointers are based focusing on learning materials that we can introduce to infant & toddler’s.

Do let us know if this was helpful also if any more pointers you may add in comments.


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