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*** Unfiltered Womanhood ***

Just like this random picture clicked at odd hours just to check if this duppata matched my outfit… I believe womanhood comes in many random gestures we do to uplift ourselves & other women around.

For me saying or showing love means expressing & doing something for my loved ones.

Celebrate women from all walks of life who helps you in any way everyday.


When, I care for my mother I also care for my mother in law…

When, I support & respect my sister & sister in law’s…

When, I cook my child’s fav dish I also care to share with my house helps child…

When, I make mistakes also make sure to learn from them…

When, I hear other women’s stories I learn from them…

When, I understand the other woman from her behaviour…

When, I listen to myself and understand the signs life gives me…

When, I feel successful looking back at my small achievements as a person.

When, I voice out & appreciate my women friend’s on this beautiful platform.

When, I take inspiration from women & aspire to follow them…

When, I am raising my son in a gender neutral environment…

When, I get motivated with small appreciation from women across the globe.

When, I live & let live others in peace… ✌️

Practising all of these gestures as a woman does make a lot of difference in day to day life.

We still need a lot of courage & unbais support from women around so be that woman. 👠

Do try and let me know which one is the best and you follow… 👇

Lastly, Happy International Woman’s Day 💖

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