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*** My Mom Tribe ***

Our small mom’s tribe that got bonded so well in such a short span. I am glad how everyone actively takes part in all the things we plan with kids.

This post is for all my mom friends who poured their trust in me to conduct story & activities for today’s session.

Although, I felt so nervous but excited as well to do something with so many kids & mom’s after very very long time.

Honestly got a feel of a trail & error class with kids if at all I go back to teaching in near future. 🙈

Not everything goes as planned specially when it’s a play cum learn date so we immediately changed the ways of engaging them through the theme.

Though, we were able to do Roaring Rocket Story, Solar System crown activity, Passing the Planets game, gazing at the galaxy theme ceiling with music etc.

Over all everyone enjoyed throughout made it worth all the efforts. Again thanks for showering words of appreciation later.

Special Thanks @mansi510 for hosting us so warmly at her place kids literally din’t wanted to come out.

Since most of the friend’s insisted to put this on my blog about our playdates here it is for all of you three cheers ladies…🥂

Let’s keep going strong & determined with every such plans. ✌️💖


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