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*** Be Real Be You ***

I have always kept this page as real as possible in whatever content I wish to share.

No fancy pictures or false reviews nor shared any trending reels because I don’t need all of that to be a blogger.

I have taken concious efforts to stick to my niche or decided topics and I share my experience on it that’s it.

As a blogger, I clearly know how many people deliberately follow my stories & engage on my post genuinely. And how many try and copy my ideas but fail to tag me for the inspiration.

Anyways, so when people Dm to know certain things from me I am kind enough to share details irrespective if you have engaged or not on my page.

But to do what I do even I need some kind of motivation or appreciation the least that people can do if they are following you from a long time.

If my content is helping you in anyway or inspiring you to do things with your kids then what’s stopping you from tapping a like, save & comment on my post???

I share things out of my passion and will to be helpful to other mom’s but if I don’t get that support in return even I may stop doing it one day.

I hope everyone understands that it’s difficult to keep up the momentum & it takes efforts to be real & share things from your daily life.

As much as I want to keep this space alive & happy it’s becoming difficult to survive just because the genuine followers don’t care to engage.

I don’t wish to grow overnight but definitely want to make connections while growing through this journey.

Support your bloggers… ✌️


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