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*** World Story Telling Day ***

World Storytelling Day is a global celebration of the art of oral storytelling.

Now who better than mother’s know to narrate & make stories with their children in so many different ways.

You may not have learnt it earlier but I believe after motherhood you willingly put expressions to every thought or story or value that your child shall incorporate beautifully in his/her life.

So story telling doesn’t mean you need loads of books, puppets or rather any props but it does mean to create, express & experience the story in a way kids can relate.

Also in a day we all create random stories to grab their attention so either they eat, sleep or do things in a way we want.

Some of the fun ways i adapt to convey some stories to him ~

👉 Through experience by taking them places & talking about the natural surroundings. Also they remember the places they go when asked later.

👉 Through whispering into his ears and I kid you not this is so much fun keep your hands on their ears and start whispering and look how attentively they will listen to the story.

👉 Through Play way that includes physical as well as indoor activities.

👉 Through well illustrated books that keeps kids hooked for a good amount of time.

👉 Through Voice Modulation & Funny Expressions while reading a book or showing something in particular.

In a way we are all creating & curating stories for our kids everyday. ✌️

There are times when we mom’s are elated to hear pretend/real stories from our kids while they are playing on their own or specially coming up and narrating to you.

So it’s a circle when they listen to stories they will try to narrate them as well.

Happy World Storytelling Day! 殺


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