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*** Nature’s Playdate ***

Summer is here & so we craved for some nature play also we visited the garden after a whole pandemic year.

Today’s playdate was a little different as we soaked into nature’s lap in the morning.

We ditched going to usual garden with slides rather we just went & explored the freedom of doing things in an open space  & later went on to the slides.

We did take along some tools & materials that helped us engage in some nature activities and take a little of nature back with us.

Things we took along –

👉 Magnifying Glass
👉 Basket/Tray
👉 Fevicol
👉 Mats
👉 Empty bottles
👉 Sand/ Gardening tools
👉 Snacks, water, cap, sanitizer etc.

Things we collected –

👉 Twigs
👉 Dried flowers
👉 Dried leaves
👉 Stones

Few Activities that turned out pretty awesome –

👉 Nature Scavenger Hunt
👉 Made our own Nature Wands
👉 Bead the leaves
👉 Nature sensory bottle
👉 Popsicle nature soveiuners
👉 Digging the Soil – transferring, pouring, working together.

Kids had so much fun during free play after the activities. We took a small snack break after all the hustle in the morning & cleaned up as we left the place.

It was a surprise for us when an uncle passing by suddenly appreciated us for the efforts while applauding kids for getting involved in nature play. (Indeed a sweet gesture)

A sweaty morning to remember with all the freedom to experience the joy of playing in nature along with friends.

Are you going to try this kinda nature playdates comment below. 👇😊

Konica & Sharav

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