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*** Blogging My Choosen Path ***

Blogging is my choosen path to keep myself occupied, create & share about my experiences & turn few ideas into reality with my child.

While this platform does give me the liberty to choose what & how I share things. It also comes with a public domain where I sometimes restrict myself from sharing certain things.

This post is specially for insta followers.

I absolutely love the way how @little_born_tales has evolved in terms of blogs & connections made with time. But, I also believe to keep personal & professional things apart.

Sometimes it just becomes overwhelming to keep up with the momentum & continue things.

Also a constant thought of how long shall this social media go on so at some point you have to come back to basics as life overtakes you with reality.

I am just manifesting few things for my near future but at the same time I am also aware of my passion that keeps me going.

So might just create a separate private ac where I don’t have any obligations towards my followers, brands, collabs or insta algorithm.

This blog still stays the same with your support & motivation. 🥰

**Sounds cool but more cooler for my sanity 😎**



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