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*** Behind the Scenes ***

A little intro for all those who are new to my blog. Firstly, thank you for following this page it means a lot to me.

I created this page back in Aug 2018 to document & share my experiences as a new mother.

After being on & off the gram for 2years it’s only last year that I have picked my pace of being more consistent with my writing, set my nieche & actively connecting with fellow mom bloggers.

I had no idea that I would be starting a small venture in the middle of the pandemic i.e. Aug 2020 known as @mystic.wisdom.flow a concept based resource that would be loved by so many people globally.

Ofcourse, the venture has it’s own page as my audience there are completely different based on interest parameter.

I would be very honest here when people find out I am into making Jainism Activities they start believing I am very  religious in nature or I know everything about dharam etc

But the truth is I am a millennial parent who wants to educate her child on spiritual facts with confidence while staying at home in an interactive manner.

So yes when it comes to behind the scenes there’s a lot of effort on research, getting the facts checked, designing, coordination, packaging, final outcome of the materials, investment etc.

All these is been done single handedly which makes my work even more valuable & deserves to earn it.

I take pride in saying that we have been the first of its kind venture who took this risk & started off without any doubts.

Above that many times your friend’s & family will fail to take your work seriously.

So a little support or feedback from someone definitely motivates us to keep going.

The feeling of adding value to so many kids spiritual journey across the world is incredible. 🌍

Until then,
Keep supporting & Spread the word. 🙏



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