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*** Too much to Handle ***

Another no lockdown but lockdown scenario in the city & unfortunately all my plans to explore more places this summer with my son has been crashed.

I feel lost already with this scenario & the amount of time my child is spending indoors with gadgets convieniently consuming his childhood most of the times is saddening.

It does take a mental toll & your enthusiasm to do various things with your child indoor is a challenging task now.

We are just adapting to online schooling plus back to homeschooling as well.

Thankfully we are blessed to receive pre-loved books & activities from cousin’s that will just take care of next 2-3 months learning. (The reason I haven’t & don’t wish to join toy library until I feel the need someday).

Also my parents got vaccinated today which also happens to be world health day the only good thing I could do for them in last few days. 

Another thing, I know I have missed engaging on lot of yours post it’s just I am busy with my other work & find it very exhausting these days with online school, House, Work & Insta it does become difficult to keep a track.

I even tried writing a post yesterday but then just deleted & din’t felt like posting does this ever happen to you??

Do share your plans how are you coping with this second wave of lockdown with kids.


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