Greetings !

I, Konica Khona an aspiring blogger and Mom to a toddler. Here to share my growing parenting experience.

My Journey started by writing my thoughts & experience via blogs during my Post-delivery days. Never thought I would be doing this deliberately now to share part of life on my blogs.

Solely started Blogging with a purpose to be listened and read by someone who could relate. I feel blessed to have created that small space in your daily social media life.

Little_born_tales is like my digital baby which I wish to raise it with utmost care and love.

LBT will keep you hooked with contents related to my love for Creative stuff, Cooking, Clean eating, Self love, Parenting, Mother Toddler Life, Activities and all that I love to talk about.

Thank you for visiting my page and do follow my blog.

Little_born_tales ❤️


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