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*** Increasing Vocabulary in Toddlers ***

I am sure we all are so eager to make them learn & talk early. But once they start talking it’s like how much more they want to speak at once. Then we definitely need to channelise their eagerness to learn and talk new words. As we have been using flashcards from past few months… Continue reading *** Increasing Vocabulary in Toddlers ***

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*** My take on Home-schooling ***

I am not an expert in this topic but would like to share my experience of past few months. Parents of toddlers age 2-5yrs can easily homeschool their kids irrespective of any online classes or any prior experience in teaching. We have so much information on our finger tips if used wisely with little research… Continue reading *** My take on Home-schooling ***

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*** Hair Donation – Part 2 ***

#savepost #usefulpost #hairdonationforcancer Since, I knew my hair would take a good long time to grow this long again. I made sure to click some good happy pictures before chopping them. Also this is how it needs to be cut as plaited in the above picture.  My main three reasons to go for it:- 💁… Continue reading *** Hair Donation – Part 2 ***

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*** Hair Donation – Part 1 ***

After my school days, this is the first time ever I have gone this short. My childhood buddies can easily recollect my boy cut looks during school times. Later on love for long hair grew, my hair have since then been through lot of haircuts, colouring, straightening, various treatments etc. Hair gave me confidence, boosted… Continue reading *** Hair Donation – Part 1 ***

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*** Our Weaning Journey Part – 3 ***

Weaning is something that needs emotional readiness from both the mom & baby. There is no particular timeline when the weaning happens. It all depends when the mom feels or the baby shows the signs of self weaning. At times, it does happen that breastfeeding has to be stopped due to mother’s health or Mother… Continue reading *** Our Weaning Journey Part – 3 ***

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*** Our Weaning Journey Part – 2 ***

While breastfeeding is seen as a beautiful phase to be fulfilled by a mother. It is more of overwhelming and consuming role for any mother. There can be so many guilts while you can or cannot breastfeed your child. Every mother strives to give the best to her child. There were times it use to… Continue reading *** Our Weaning Journey Part – 2 ***

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*** Our Weaning Journey Part – 1 ***

Before talking about weaning, I would like to put some light on my breastfeeding experience. Everyone is aware how important is breast milk for an infants growth & development. But certainly not an only option in today’s times. So it becomes very easy to shift to formula when it gets tough at times to continue.… Continue reading *** Our Weaning Journey Part – 1 ***

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*** My Dear Little Boy ***

We do strive to give you the best,Fulfilling your life’s little quest. Hoping your life to be full of zestMay you thrive each and every test. You were made with love & care,You are destined for greatness. I hope you know that with your kind heart,Your fierce mind & brave spiritYou can do anything. Be… Continue reading *** My Dear Little Boy ***

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*** Second Birthday Highlights ***

Sharing few of his special day memories. Few things that we planned for him that really got him surprised. 1. Cake no. 1 – Midnight cake cutting although we cut it before 12 because couldn’t keep him up till late. His reactions are captured in the video totally surprised and excited. 2. Special Wake up… Continue reading *** Second Birthday Highlights ***

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*** Birthday Special Activity Marathon ***

To make his second birthday more special, I planned few activities for his pre-birrhday week around the Animal theme. We made sure to do one such activity for the day and that would be fun learning. Just sharing the activity details below you may save this post. Sharing below glimpse & details of all the… Continue reading *** Birthday Special Activity Marathon ***