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*** Five Little Monkeys Activity ***

We did this super simple yet fun activity with the most famous rhyme. I always prefer to involve him in the process and so he did small activity along. After that we sang the rhymes using popsicle puppets and had fun. πŸ’ Popsicle Monkey Puppets – Included pasting, pressing, picking & letting it dry. (All… Continue reading *** Five Little Monkeys Activity ***

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*** Yummy Mix Veggie Soup ***

I was never fond of soups earlier but after a few trail & error on recipes this soup has become my favourite go to when I need a light & healthy dinner. Watch the full video for making easy & healthy soup. πŸ‘‡ Veggies taken are :- tomatoes, onions, bottle gourd, carrots, bell peppers, garlic… Continue reading *** Yummy Mix Veggie Soup ***

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*** Breastfeeding Awareness ***

Throwback to when I was in full glory of my pregnancy. A lot of information is already out there about breastfeeding. Sharing how i prepared myself & got confidence to breastfeed my baby successfully. Initially when you’re pregnant all your attention and focus is you shall deliver safe and healthy baby. But what we lack… Continue reading *** Breastfeeding Awareness ***

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*** Two years of Blogging ***

When, I started never thought how far I would be able to continue with blogging. Honestly this was something I never had an idea until I became a mom. Still I am not sure how long I would be able to nurture my passion for writing. All these years between studies & work I   hardly… Continue reading *** Two years of Blogging ***

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*** Siblings Bond forever ***

A Rakhi on my hand,A sweet in my mouth,Blessing on my head. A day to celebrate their bond,With each day they grow up strong. A day to cherish their innocent acts,Some day they have eachother’s back. A day to showcase their affection,Gearing up to be eachothers reflection. A day looking forward to recieve gifts,Until the… Continue reading *** Siblings Bond forever ***

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*** You lead me to life ***

When, I see the charm in your tantrums,Wish you turn out to be more handsome. When, I see you beaming in laughter,Need you learn to fall and get up faster. When, I see you cry on your wound,Should you be strong enough to rebound. When, I see you chase your dreams,I need you to embrace… Continue reading *** You lead me to life ***

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*** Mask – The New Normal ***

All these months, I din’t bother to get him wear a mask because it wasn’t necessary for kids below 2. Now that he’s above two and just keeps showing signs of going down it got me worried. We love spending time on our terrace and that has been our savior for fresh air during the… Continue reading *** Mask – The New Normal ***

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*** Q & A about Toddler Learnings ***

This boy of mine keeps me amazed by his interest & curiosity everyday. Sharing few Q & A that I get asked often in dms. 1. How do you teach him concepts?A. We introduce him once through books, activities, touch & feel objects, visual appearance, learning binder etc. 2. Does he sit for all activities?A. Not… Continue reading *** Q & A about Toddler Learnings ***

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*** Confetti Sticking Activity ***

#littleborntales_activities This was super fun and colourful activity that we did yesterday. Confetti Rainbow in making and look how it turned out. Things you will need :- 🌈 Rainbow printout/draw one.🌈 Few gelatin cut into small pieces🌈 Fevicol/ Fevi stick. It can be a great invite to do it yourself activity for kids above 2.5+yrs.… Continue reading *** Confetti Sticking Activity ***

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*** Mom Fitness Goals ***

This video will give you a brief idea of how really a mom can workout with an active toddler around. You don’t really need to ignore or worry about them. All you can do is involve them and bond at times. They themselves might pickup fitness from an early age you might never know. So… Continue reading *** Mom Fitness Goals ***