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*** Breastfeeding Awareness ***

Throwback to when I was in full glory of my pregnancy. A lot of information is already out there about breastfeeding. Sharing how i prepared myself & got confidence to breastfeed my baby successfully. Initially when you’re pregnant all your attention and focus is you shall deliver safe and healthy baby. But what we lack… Continue reading *** Breastfeeding Awareness ***

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*** Our Weaning Journey Part – 3 ***

Weaning is something that needs emotional readiness from both the mom & baby. There is no particular timeline when the weaning happens. It all depends when the mom feels or the baby shows the signs of self weaning. At times, it does happen that breastfeeding has to be stopped due to mother’s health or Mother… Continue reading *** Our Weaning Journey Part – 3 ***

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*** Our Weaning Journey Part – 2 ***

While breastfeeding is seen as a beautiful phase to be fulfilled by a mother. It is more of overwhelming and consuming role for any mother. There can be so many guilts while you can or cannot breastfeed your child. Every mother strives to give the best to her child. There were times it use to… Continue reading *** Our Weaning Journey Part – 2 ***

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*** Our Weaning Journey Part – 1 ***

Before talking about weaning, I would like to put some light on my breastfeeding experience. Everyone is aware how important is breast milk for an infants growth & development. But certainly not an only option in today’s times. So it becomes very easy to shift to formula when it gets tough at times to continue.… Continue reading *** Our Weaning Journey Part – 1 ***

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The Joy of Breastfeeding!

World Breastfeeding Week!🤱 1st – 7th August is celebrated as world breastfeeding week to create awareness and encourage new mother’s to breastfeed. Not to belittle mom’s who don’t but to emphasize on the breast milk importance. Sharing my brief experience on breastfeeding and what kept me going. Before delivering, I had watched few videos on… Continue reading The Joy of Breastfeeding!