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*** A Visit to the Zoo ***

Situated in the heart of mumbai City known as ‘Veermata Jijabai Udyan Zoo’ also called as Byculla Zoo has been wonderfully redeveloped¬† & finally set open for visitors. I am glad they didn’t just renovate but also got in some great wild animals and have created an ecosystem as per their habitats. It was a… Continue reading *** A Visit to the Zoo ***

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*** Diaper Free Nights ***

I always dreaded this phase as to how would we transition completely off diapers and at what age. He’s been off diapers for day time while at home which initially led to many accidents but with time now he realises pretty much about his body. So glad we waited for him to be able to… Continue reading *** Diaper Free Nights ***

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*** The Forest Picnic ***

Location : Sanjay Gandhi National Park I clearly remember going to this place with my office people years ago and how much we as adults had enjoyed then. There’s a lot to do once you enter the place. With kids half day is more than enough as there is lot of walking involved or either… Continue reading *** The Forest Picnic ***

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*** Shatrunjay Maha Tirth ***

One of the spiritual milestones that we achieved in 2021 is to do a full family jatra (pilgrim) to Shatrunjay tirth. Palitana is the topmost pilgrimage of Jainism. Rarely there may be a Jain who has not travelled to Palitana once in his life-time . In fact Palitana is that pilgrimage where the divinity of the… Continue reading *** Shatrunjay Maha Tirth ***

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*** Shree Shatrunjay Dam Tirth ***

I am proudly using this space to share about our pilgrim journey which I know might inspire any one such person to visit this divine place. Situated at the serene location on the banks of River Shetrunjay, this tirth is visited by most devotees who come for Palitana Jatra. Mulnayak: Black – colored idol of Bhagawan… Continue reading *** Shree Shatrunjay Dam Tirth ***

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*** Pilgrimage Journey ***

Pilgrimage to sacred places is part of the tradition of practically every religion in the world. The hardships of the journey discipline the body, the company of fellow pilgrims strengthens religious faith. To pray and worship at a site made holy by tradition or consecration or the worship of generations of the faithful, to stand… Continue reading *** Pilgrimage Journey ***

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*** Kids Safety on Social Media ***

This topic has been of concern ever since I have been on this platform as a mom blogger. We as mom’s are so in awe of our kids cuteness/milestones that we feel to share it happily with the world out here. But today i would like to share few things I particularly follow while posting… Continue reading *** Kids Safety on Social Media ***

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*** Nature Zones for Toddlers ***

The days are just flying away with mom duties in place and building new habits & routines for my little one. Life is too short to be boring at one place right. So, I wish to take him different places & experience the free play nature or city has to offer. So over the weekend… Continue reading *** Nature Zones for Toddlers ***

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*** Off to Playschool ***

Yay! finally this boy started his playschool . 14.01.2021 his first official school day. After 6+ months of homeschooling we are set to learn in a play environment with other class mates. However, we will continue to do our activities & home learning but the feeling of your child starting with his first playschool experience… Continue reading *** Off to Playschool ***

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*** Kite Flying lessons ***

Some snippets from his kite flying experience. I love how he’s grown up every year from tearing apart the kites to just posing with them to holding the manjha & now also trying to fly his own kite. Now a day’s kite flying isn’t much encouraged in the city due to many reasons. I am… Continue reading *** Kite Flying lessons ***