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*** Self Love & Abundance ***

Incase you need some positive self love affirmations today. Here are few things, I believe can help you feel good about yourself no matter what the situation.. ✨ Believe in yourself..✨ Follow your own set of values..✨ Learn from your experiences..✨ Accept your mistakes..✨ Keep learning & adapting..✨ Be kind to yourself..✨ Do what makes… Continue reading *** Self Love & Abundance ***

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*** Hair Donation – Part 2 ***

#savepost #usefulpost #hairdonationforcancer Since, I knew my hair would take a good long time to grow this long again. I made sure to click some good happy pictures before chopping them. Also this is how it needs to be cut as plaited in the above picture.  My main three reasons to go for it:- 💁… Continue reading *** Hair Donation – Part 2 ***

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*** Hair Donation – Part 1 ***

After my school days, this is the first time ever I have gone this short. My childhood buddies can easily recollect my boy cut looks during school times. Later on love for long hair grew, my hair have since then been through lot of haircuts, colouring, straightening, various treatments etc. Hair gave me confidence, boosted… Continue reading *** Hair Donation – Part 1 ***

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Embrace the Pace of your Own Journey!

Absolutely going with the above thought picking right opportunity is so important when you are set to create your identity again from the scratch. After being a SAHM for almost 2yrs, stepping out and meeting new people is always a pleasure. In such a short span met so many wonderful mommies out there off the… Continue reading Embrace the Pace of your Own Journey!

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**** Introductory Post ****

I thought it’s a good time for an introductory post since many new people have joined in here. Hi guys, I am Konica mom to a 1.5yr toddler boy. I love sharing all things that motherhood brings along. You will find post regards to Toddler food, Adult food, Toddler developments, Toys, Activities, Breastfeeding and my… Continue reading **** Introductory Post ****