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*** Being Nice & Beyond ***

Sharing one insightful thought from the communications grooming session. I hope it would give you a new direction of thought towards yourselves. As women we are always expected to be “Nice” in terms of talking, doing work, getting the work done, obliged to carry out our duties well only then we are considered as Nice.… Continue reading *** Being Nice & Beyond ***

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*** Accept your Failures ***

Participating in a pegeant & getting in the Finals was indeed an achievement. It was a refreshing change to be able to experience the journey. This would not have been possible if I hadn’t left my comfort zone and tried something new for myself beyond being a mommy. No doubt it was an amazing experience… Continue reading *** Accept your Failures ***

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*** Covid Positive Part – 3 ***

This post is in continuation to earlier two post which is a series of blogs on our covid positive experience. So if you have missed you can checkout my previous two post on the blog/feed. Don’t forget to share or save for your future reference. After you start with medications recovery starts in say 4… Continue reading *** Covid Positive Part – 3 ***

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*** Covid Positive Part 2 ***

Now how did we get infected is unsure it can be anything from anywhere right. Starting days you might feel you’re alright but slowly the symptoms might show like fever, loss of taste & smell etc and that’s when you need to test yourself. However, I was somewhat mentally prepared and took this as any… Continue reading *** Covid Positive Part 2 ***

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*** Covid Positive Part – 1 ***

It’s a fact now that even if you move out or no you might catch the infection someday. You need to prepare yourself to face this situation specially if you have small kids in the house. So yes this happened just few days before diwali. I definetly wanted to share my experience but not in… Continue reading *** Covid Positive Part – 1 ***

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*** Diwali Portraits ***

I love taking family portraits on festivals but with toddlers it is a difficult task. I have already left hopes for sharav to pose but we try sometimes and you never know when you get a good candid shot so keep trying. All we could manage this year was these few captures from the diwali… Continue reading *** Diwali Portraits ***

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*** Little Joys of Diwali ***

After all the hush hush and celebrations would like to take a minute and recollect all the little joys gained & spreaded. 💕 We all recovered in time for diwali the first & foremost thing that makes it a special one & calls for celebration. 💕 It gave immense happiness to buy decor items &… Continue reading *** Little Joys of Diwali ***

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*** Diwali Props + Saree ***

Every year, I dress up only when we actually do the pooja and end up getting only few clicks because with kids around you hardly get any time to click properly after the rituals. So this year, a thought came why not do a  proper shoot with props & dressing up game. It was a… Continue reading *** Diwali Props + Saree ***

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*** Self Love is Hard ***

Definetly takes time and many kind of experiences to understand what self love means to you. We do many things in life on basis what people will think of you or your standards or family in society. From childhood we are conditioned that we or the things we do should get validation for example ‘very… Continue reading *** Self Love is Hard ***

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*** Proud of Myself ***

How many of us say this to ourselves?? The daily grind & hustle somewhere leaves you so drained that you forget to acknowledge your self worth. In the last few days, I have been more proud of myself for pulling off the days with utmost compassion & efficiency. Not only, I had to be the… Continue reading *** Proud of Myself ***