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*** Are you a diversified Spiritual Parent??? ***

For me the answer to above question would be yes and it’s more of a belief system that you cultivate over the years. Since we live in country which is a blend of many beautiful cultures it is bound to happen that we start praying and celebrating various festivals irrespective of your born religion. So… Continue reading *** Are you a diversified Spiritual Parent??? ***

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*** Hold On Mommies ***

From being into a complete mess to completely rocking the mess. It seems not all mom’s earn in Money,Some rejoice their earnings in Kind. Momming could be the weirdest Job,But it does bring out the best of You. Taking care of your child is Impeccable,While your health is also much Valuable. You don’t really need… Continue reading *** Hold On Mommies ***

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*** Once a teacher always a teacher ***

No wonder in childhood my favourite pretend play use to be teacher teacher… And see how it played a major role in my teenage years & still gives me a feeling of being one. Reminiscing when my days would start with a college later full time job and end with taking part time tutions. This… Continue reading *** Once a teacher always a teacher ***

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*** Two years of Blogging ***

When, I started never thought how far I would be able to continue with blogging. Honestly this was something I never had an idea until I became a mom. Still I am not sure how long I would be able to nurture my passion for writing. All these years between studies & work I   hardly… Continue reading *** Two years of Blogging ***

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*** My Transformation Journey ***

Every transformation or a change has a basic golden rule ‘To Start’ and not ‘Give Up’. This mantra will take you places believe me. Talking about my journey, I was so lazy the first 6months after delivery that I least bother to look at myself. And this is the reason I don’t have any solo… Continue reading *** My Transformation Journey ***

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*** Overall Growth ***

As continued from my last post sharing the things that has let me equip myself with various skillset. It’s like I had them already and have also used it few times but with blogging it’s usage has enhanced with time. 1. Writing Skills – In my dreams, I never imagined writing so much that I… Continue reading *** Overall Growth ***

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*** Our Milestones ***

In continuation to my last post highlighting few of the milestones achieved in blogging journey so far. Please remember this din’t come overnight and it does take lot of efforts to write something that really connects with people. 1. Blog Milestones – My baby blog has completed 100+ blogpost with various topics related to… Continue reading *** Our Milestones ***

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*** Our Existence ***

Why are we here? I still ask this question to myself before putting out any content or information about us on this platform. I am sure even people who know me would have this question in their minds. Basically, I love social media and even if I wasn’t blogging earlier used to upload my or… Continue reading *** Our Existence ***

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*** Self Love & Abundance ***

Incase you need some positive self love affirmations today. Here are few things, I believe can help you feel good about yourself no matter what the situation.. ✨ Believe in yourself..✨ Follow your own set of values..✨ Learn from your experiences..✨ Accept your mistakes..✨ Keep learning & adapting..✨ Be kind to yourself..✨ Do what makes… Continue reading *** Self Love & Abundance ***