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*** Diwali Portraits ***

I love taking family portraits on festivals but with toddlers it is a difficult task. I have already left hopes for sharav to pose but we try sometimes and you never know when you get a good candid shot so keep trying. All we could manage this year was these few captures from the diwali… Continue reading *** Diwali Portraits ***

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*** Little Joys of Diwali ***

After all the hush hush and celebrations would like to take a minute and recollect all the little joys gained & spreaded. 💕 We all recovered in time for diwali the first & foremost thing that makes it a special one & calls for celebration. 💕 It gave immense happiness to buy decor items &… Continue reading *** Little Joys of Diwali ***

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*** Happy Children’s Day ***

Not a single day goes by being a child with you my son. You have filled our hearts & lives with your charm & love. I can see your kind heart in everything you do with so much care. It feels like sometimes you’re raising us into more beautiful persons we can be in this… Continue reading *** Happy Children’s Day ***

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*** Happy Diwali ***

May this Diwali we all be more grateful for all the highs & lows  we have been through this year. Strength & Love to everyone who have lost someone this year due to the dreadful disease. Cheer & Love to everyone who have achieved or started something new this year. More power to all the… Continue reading *** Happy Diwali ***

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*** Diwali Props + Saree ***

Every year, I dress up only when we actually do the pooja and end up getting only few clicks because with kids around you hardly get any time to click properly after the rituals. So this year, a thought came why not do a  proper shoot with props & dressing up game. It was a… Continue reading *** Diwali Props + Saree ***

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*** Festive Learning ***

Happy Navratri ✨ Finally, feeling some festive vibes when you get to dress up for the festivals. Festivals are more of creating that aura around and soak everyone into the vibes. For some reason this year we did the Kanya Pooja early i.e. today which is otherwise performed on Ashtami. So it was a full… Continue reading *** Festive Learning ***

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*** Happy Independence Day ***

I have been talking and showing him the Indian flag from few days. Then, I thought by making one he shall connect more to what I am saying him. We really did a very simple activity to make Toddler version of flag. Materials :-1. Marble paper2. Felt sheet3. Fevicol I had few felt sheets and… Continue reading *** Happy Independence Day ***

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*** Happy Janmashtami ***

As per my instinct, I knew this boy wouldn’t let me get him dressed up and same happened finally settled for this kurta pyjama. A phase where he’s becoming more stubborn & choosy for things you gotta deal with it. Since, we can’t take our kids out yet we thought we can make a small… Continue reading *** Happy Janmashtami ***

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*** Siblings Bond forever ***

A Rakhi on my hand,A sweet in my mouth,Blessing on my head. A day to celebrate their bond,With each day they grow up strong. A day to cherish their innocent acts,Some day they have eachother’s back. A day to showcase their affection,Gearing up to be eachothers reflection. A day looking forward to recieve gifts,Until the… Continue reading *** Siblings Bond forever ***