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*** Fifteen days until he turns Two ***

Time has indeed flown by with him growing up so fast. Beleive me the first six months are the most exhausting in terms of feeding & sleep patterns but the next month’s are full of fun and unlearning with them everyday. I started baby wearing when he was four months old not before because I… Continue reading *** Fifteen days until he turns Two ***

New mom life

*** Staying Strong & Positive ***

If there were any word to describe how we feel right now it would be ‘Grateful’ undoubtedly we are blessed with so many precious things in life. . We are grateful for having a Home to Stay In. … We are grateful for having our share of Meals. … We are grateful for the Resources… Continue reading *** Staying Strong & Positive ***

New mom life

*** Underrated Toddler Milestones ***

Let’s talk about some real milestones that actually make us happy and content when achieved by our little one’s. I personally feel after the first year its been an enjoyable year for us with lots of new learnings. We always focus on the standard milestones that our kids achieve. Recently seeing a lot of change… Continue reading *** Underrated Toddler Milestones ***

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How to be Prepared for Motherly Duties…

Things that you should be prepared to take charge after delivery :- 1️⃣ Exclusive Breast feed to the baby – It doesn’t come easily so both mom & baby have to participate in this process to get the benefit of the purest form of food for newborn. 2️⃣ Observe Babies Behavior – You have to… Continue reading How to be Prepared for Motherly Duties…

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Last Few Days of Feeling Bumptiful

All this while a mom to be is happily carrying the baby bump with excitement and curiosity as she gets to know the development of her little one inside the womb as per her timely scans. The excitement, anxiety and all sorts of mixed emotions starts ticking as now the blissful belly is about to… Continue reading Last Few Days of Feeling Bumptiful