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*** Silver Lining ***

Let’s face the storms,Create our own rainbows. Life is a beautiful journey,With you my little companion. Some days are tough &Some days you become tough. Let’s Sail through this phase together,You’re the silver lining to my dark clouds. This battle is more of a state of mind,Taking this time to rest & unwind. Doing much… Continue reading *** Silver Lining ***

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*** Admire the Nature’s Beauty ***

He looked around the greenary,He soaked into it’s natural beauty. Small flowers caught his attention,Not one inhibition in his intention. As little butterflies fluttered around,He ran to catch them on the ground. He kept admiring every little creature,Fed his curiosity with their unique feature. He walked into the pastures all alone,The winds that kept him… Continue reading *** Admire the Nature’s Beauty ***

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*** Hold On Mommies ***

From being into a complete mess to completely rocking the mess. It seems not all mom’s earn in Money,Some rejoice their earnings in Kind. Momming could be the weirdest Job,But it does bring out the best of You. Taking care of your child is Impeccable,While your health is also much Valuable. You don’t really need… Continue reading *** Hold On Mommies ***

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*** You lead me to life ***

When, I see the charm in your tantrums,Wish you turn out to be more handsome. When, I see you beaming in laughter,Need you learn to fall and get up faster. When, I see you cry on your wound,Should you be strong enough to rebound. When, I see you chase your dreams,I need you to embrace… Continue reading *** You lead me to life ***

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*** The Story of Ignored Emotions ***

Let me tell you a story of few ignored emotions,Usually not talked about due to society notions. It doesn’t feel good and makes you vulnerable,Not many seek help makes them feel miserable. It makes you feel like lost, crying & withdrawing,Nothing in your control while you’re overthinking. It’s the pressure to feel normal and not… Continue reading *** The Story of Ignored Emotions ***

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*** Creating her own Sunshine ***

Wearing her courage above all her fears,In the darkest of times brings a ray of hope. While enduring all those highs & lows of life,Her years of wisdom brightens her dreams. They said in a world where you can be anything,Don’t forget to be kind & be your own Sunshine. Now onwards she decided to… Continue reading *** Creating her own Sunshine ***

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*** Being Thirty-licious ***

Another year another daybut oh so different,My dream vacay staysstand still and ignorant. Today was not supposedto be celebrated this way,It was indeed a beautifulplace planned for this day. It doesn’t make meunhappy a bit for today,Rather, I feel safe to behome for my special day. My only wish for this yearHoping to see the… Continue reading *** Being Thirty-licious ***

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*** Our Lockdown Story ***

Not everyday we create moments like these,A random evening turns into a sunset date. A time so threatening yet appreciative,When going outdoors is so restrictive. Everyone lockdown in their own homes for days,Getting all sorts of panic and anxiety attacks. It’s not easy to keep calm all day with kid’s,It’s okay to loose it out… Continue reading *** Our Lockdown Story ***

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*** Abhi Tu Ruk Jaa… ***

Samay ka PahiyaDheere dheera badlegaSaari duniya tham gayi haiAbhi ke liye tu bhi ruk jaa… Jo khwahishen hai teri zindagi seIss waqt tere haath mein naiSab majboor hai samay ke aageAbhi isi waqt ko tu bana le apna… Thoda sabar aur karo dostoYeh zindagi aur behtareen hogiShukraguzaar manao iss samay kaJo tume zindagi mein ek… Continue reading *** Abhi Tu Ruk Jaa… ***

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*** Let me Embrace You ***

Let me embrace you right now, For these moments will outgrow. Let me relive along your childhood, Because life is mundane in adulthood. Let me capture our journey of bliss, Soon to cherish them later with a kiss. Let me oblige to your needs with a smile, You may not be this dependent after a… Continue reading *** Let me Embrace You ***