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*** Our Weaning Journey Part – 2 ***

While breastfeeding is seen as a beautiful phase to be fulfilled by a mother. It is more of overwhelming and consuming role for any mother. There can be so many guilts while you can or cannot breastfeed your child. Every mother strives to give the best to her child. There were times it use to… Continue reading *** Our Weaning Journey Part – 2 ***

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*** Fifteen days until he turns Two ***

Time has indeed flown by with him growing up so fast. Beleive me the first six months are the most exhausting in terms of feeding & sleep patterns but the next month’s are full of fun and unlearning with them everyday. I started baby wearing when he was four months old not before because I… Continue reading *** Fifteen days until he turns Two ***

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*** The Story of Ignored Emotions ***

Let me tell you a story of few ignored emotions,Usually not talked about due to society notions. It doesn’t feel good and makes you vulnerable,Not many seek help makes them feel miserable. It makes you feel like lost, crying & withdrawing,Nothing in your control while you’re overthinking. It’s the pressure to feel normal and not… Continue reading *** The Story of Ignored Emotions ***

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End of 4th Trimester !

I must say a rollercoaster trimester and still a long way to go. Starting crucial three months of motherhood that brings along on demand breastfeeding, sleepless nights & days, excess eating, backaches, leg pains, postpatrum feelings, crying, irritation, anger, loneliness, depression, house ridden etc. I trust it is not an easy task to adapt this… Continue reading End of 4th Trimester !