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*** Fifteen days until he turns Two ***

Time has indeed flown by with him growing up so fast. Beleive me the first six months are the most exhausting in terms of feeding & sleep patterns but the next month’s are full of fun and unlearning with them everyday. I started baby wearing when he was four months old not before because I… Continue reading *** Fifteen days until he turns Two ***

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End of 4th Trimester !

I must say a rollercoaster trimester and still a long way to go. Starting crucial three months of motherhood that brings along on demand breastfeeding, sleepless nights & days, excess eating, backaches, leg pains, postpatrum feelings, crying, irritation, anger, loneliness, depression, house ridden etc. I trust it is not an easy task to adapt this… Continue reading End of 4th Trimester !

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Do’s And Don’ts of Pregnancy !

Since I have just been through this journey many of my friends who are planning or about to plan a baby wanted to know how to go about precautions & preventions for a Healthy Journey. When you get to know about your pregnancy you are already excited with the news and immediately the thoughts of… Continue reading Do’s And Don’ts of Pregnancy !

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Things to do that would make your pregnancy smooth.

Few other things that you may like to follow besides eating – 什Choose comfortable clothes to flaunt your bump. 什Do any one physical activity consistently like walk, yoga, exercises, meditation etc. 什Listen to music that sends positive vibes to your baby. 什Start talking to your baby. 什Do cores that are comfortable and not much tiring… Continue reading Things to do that would make your pregnancy smooth.

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Key to manage eating habits in pregnancy.

To enjoy pregnancy in a healthy way you need to watch your eating habits. Eating clean is the key. These are some eating habits you can follow while you are on a full-time job and want a healthy pregnancy through out without gaining much weight. 什Start your day with filling breakfast. 什Eat freshly home cooked… Continue reading Key to manage eating habits in pregnancy.

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Baby Bump Ahead !

Every pregnancy is different with it’s own Bliss and hardships. Here’s sharing brief experience of my baby bump ahead. It has been an amazing feeling all together. Only time in my life I was happy to put on weight month on month just to flaunt it as beautiful bump. From the start of my pregnancy,… Continue reading Baby Bump Ahead !