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*** Benefits of Using Pre-loved Stuff ***

This was yesterday night that my boys discovered to have fun under the mat. Look at his naughty self enjoying and goofing inside the mat. The simplest of joys are always found around us we just need to look for it. This boy who never gives me any pose for photos sat excitedly to pose… Continue reading *** Benefits of Using Pre-loved Stuff ***

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*** Increasing Vocabulary in Toddlers ***

I am sure we all are so eager to make them learn & talk early. But once they start talking it’s like how much more they want to speak at once. Then we definitely need to channelise their eagerness to learn and talk new words. As we have been using flashcards from past few months… Continue reading *** Increasing Vocabulary in Toddlers ***

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*** Birthday Special Activity Marathon ***

To make his second birthday more special, I planned few activities for his pre-birrhday week around the Animal theme. We made sure to do one such activity for the day and that would be fun learning. Just sharing the activity details below you may save this post. Sharing below glimpse & details of all the… Continue reading *** Birthday Special Activity Marathon ***

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#littleborntales_activities 8 Sharav loves water play but never played with an ice in particular. So I decided to involve him in setting up some colour ice in a popsicle tray. You can do it in normal ice tray or shapes ice tray as well. All I wanted was to involve him as much and let… Continue reading *** ICE POPSICLES ACTIVITY ***

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*** Wash & Strain Activity ***

#littleborntales_activities 7 This is a very simple yet interesting activity for toddlers. All you need to do is take a tub or bucket. Make some bubble water (Add little kids shampoo) and just mix it well and bubbles might form. Now bring their toys, animal figurines or balls whatever that might interest your toddler. Keep… Continue reading *** Wash & Strain Activity ***

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*** Pretend Play with Toddlers ***

#littleborntales_activities 6 Sharav is blessed to have cousin sisters to grow up in a joint family set up. They play all day around with each other and so they don’t feel the boredom easily. Since now a days we can’t step out and meet his other friend’s. Slowly he started getting close to soft toys… Continue reading *** Pretend Play with Toddlers ***

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*** Learning Colours ***

#littleborntales_activities 5 Toddler’s are learning in every moment you spend with them. It’s either they pick some behavioural traits from you, some vocabulary, some routines etc. Learning concept based things is what I had left loose because anyways by two he was to start with playschool and they would be teaching basic concepts to him.… Continue reading *** Learning Colours ***

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*** Messy Painting Activity ***

#littleborntales_activities 4 Until few days back this boy was not at all interested in colours and painting nor did I force him anyway. We took our time and let him explore his finger crayons. One thing that helped me in introducing colouring to him was giving him A4 size drawing book. So with time he… Continue reading *** Messy Painting Activity ***

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*** Let’s Broom & Clean ***

#littleborntales_activities 3 Children are good imitators like wise if they see you doing some chore and show interest to join in don’t hesitate. Handover and you may be left surprised by their adaptability of taking up new things efficiently. Though we don’t expect them to do the chore all by themselves but like holding the… Continue reading *** Let’s Broom & Clean ***

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*** Stickers Activity Books ***

#littleborntales_activities 2 Going with child’s developmental interest you could observe his need to pull or tear everything around. It’s time to introduce something they would enjoy pulling and sticking. Also this sticker activity books comes with different themes our’s is on Shapes & Colours. We also use different smiley and star shape stickers just to… Continue reading *** Stickers Activity Books ***