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*** Rasode mein Kaun tha??? ***

Definitely the epic meme song of 2020. His love for kitchen tools & cooking is not new. Infact, I love when he shows interest in kitchen activities from this young age. His curiousness to observe and try kitchen tools always surprises me. So on weekend he had a great time in observing and trying his… Continue reading *** Rasode mein Kaun tha??? ***

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*** Coloured Rice Sensory Play ***

#littleborntales_activities This activity was suggested by @kaizen_learning perfect for a 2yr old to explore and have fun. Though we did some variations and played up in few other ways too. Watch the videos to see all kinds of play we did with rice sensory play. Also sharing some benefits of Rice Sensory Play:- 1. Encourages… Continue reading *** Coloured Rice Sensory Play ***

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*** Five Little Monkeys Activity ***

We did this super simple yet fun activity with the most famous rhyme. I always prefer to involve him in the process and so he did small activity along. After that we sang the rhymes using popsicle puppets and had fun. πŸ’ Popsicle Monkey Puppets – Included pasting, pressing, picking & letting it dry. (All… Continue reading *** Five Little Monkeys Activity ***

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*** Q & A about Toddler Learnings ***

This boy of mine keeps me amazed by his interest & curiosity everyday. Sharing few Q & A that I get asked often in dms. 1. How do you teach him concepts?A. We introduce him once through books, activities, touch & feel objects, visual appearance, learning binder etc. 2. Does he sit for all activities?A. Not… Continue reading *** Q & A about Toddler Learnings ***

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*** Confetti Sticking Activity ***

#littleborntales_activities This was super fun and colourful activity that we did yesterday. Confetti Rainbow in making and look how it turned out. Things you will need :- 🌈 Rainbow printout/draw one.🌈 Few gelatin cut into small pieces🌈 Fevicol/ Fevi stick. It can be a great invite to do it yourself activity for kids above 2.5+yrs.… Continue reading *** Confetti Sticking Activity ***

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*** Homeschooling Approach in India ***

My previous two post where about ‘How to Start Homeschooling’ & ‘Homeschooling Checklist’ today, I am going to speak about the approach. Sharing information that I had to research and have tried to put the information in a simpler format. If you haven’t checked my previous two post on home-schooling do it now and follow… Continue reading *** Homeschooling Approach in India ***

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*** Homeschooling Checklist ***

Sharing few of the things that might help your Homeschooling function smoothly with toddlers. Nothing fancy but all the regular things that are there around us or can be easily sourced. Sharing most of things that we personally have and are super useful to keep my toddler engage and learning at the same time. Top… Continue reading *** Homeschooling Checklist ***

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*** How can you Start Homeschooling ***

The pandemic has sure let me the confidence to homeschool my two year old. We got two options from his playschool to either take a drop & get 90% Fees refund Or Start with online schooling. We choose to take a drop because at two years of age i can’t expect him to sit at… Continue reading *** How can you Start Homeschooling ***

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*** Increasing Vocabulary in Toddlers ***

I am sure we all are so eager to make them learn & talk early. But once they start talking it’s like how much more they want to speak at once. Then we definitely need to channelise their eagerness to learn and talk new words. As we have been using flashcards from past few months… Continue reading *** Increasing Vocabulary in Toddlers ***

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*** My take on Home-schooling ***

I am not an expert in this topic but would like to share my experience of past few months. Parents of toddlers age 2-5yrs can easily homeschool their kids irrespective of any online classes or any prior experience in teaching. We have so much information on our finger tips if used wisely with little research… Continue reading *** My take on Home-schooling ***