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*** Mom Fitness Goals ***

This video will give you a brief idea of how really a mom can workout with an active toddler around. You don’t really need to ignore or worry about them. All you can do is involve them and bond at times. They themselves might pickup fitness from an early age you might never know. So… Continue reading *** Mom Fitness Goals ***

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*** My Transformation Journey ***

Every transformation or a change has a basic golden rule ‘To Start’ and not ‘Give Up’. This mantra will take you places believe me. Talking about my journey, I was so lazy the first 6months after delivery that I least bother to look at myself. And this is the reason I don’t have any solo… Continue reading *** My Transformation Journey ***

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*** Enjoy the Process ***

Fitness is no less than any process that includes lots of learnings, improving, practising & most importantly making it a way of life. Tracing my fitness journey that started 8years ago it’s been a roller coaster ride until now. There was a time I use to rush to gym after my office and sweat it… Continue reading *** Enjoy the Process ***

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***Endure your Post – Exercise Soreness ***

It’s been three days, I started with home workout  and taking it slow but my legs(thighs) are sore and in pain due to the lunges & squats that I dared to do yesterday. This is called post exercise soreness it usually peaks  48 -72 hours after exercise. The body is in process to repair the… Continue reading ***Endure your Post – Exercise Soreness ***

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*** Self Care Body – Mind – Soul 2.0 ***

A little self care never hurts but to find that time for yourself might not be easy after becoming a mom. Specially in these times when you’re already loaded with enough on your plate. The way this body has transformed over the past two years is magical in itself. Without any exclusive workouts, yoga or… Continue reading *** Self Care Body – Mind – Soul 2.0 ***