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*** Happy Children’s Day ***

Not a single day goes by being a child with you my son. You have filled our hearts & lives with your charm & love. I can see your kind heart in everything you do with so much care. It feels like sometimes you’re raising us into more beautiful persons we can be in this… Continue reading *** Happy Children’s Day ***

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*** Twinning & Winning ***

This short trip was more of an experience & lots of excitements. While we spent most of the time experiencing things & soaking in the slow life. After seeing tons of mother-daughter twinnings pics on the gram. I was like why not mother-son twinning and that’s exactly how our bond has come out with the… Continue reading *** Twinning & Winning ***

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*** Babywearing Memories ***

International Babywearing Week (IBW) is a week-long opportunity to celebrate, promote, advocate many benefits of babywearing. This year it’s celebrated on from Sep 28 – Oct 4, 2020. Today, I want to reminsce all of my babywearing moments with my child. I have hardly wore him for 6 months max after that he started walking… Continue reading *** Babywearing Memories ***

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*** Our Weaning Journey Part – 3 ***

Weaning is something that needs emotional readiness from both the mom & baby. There is no particular timeline when the weaning happens. It all depends when the mom feels or the baby shows the signs of self weaning. At times, it does happen that breastfeeding has to be stopped due to mother’s health or Mother… Continue reading *** Our Weaning Journey Part – 3 ***

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*** My Dear Little Boy ***

We do strive to give you the best,Fulfilling your life’s little quest. Hoping your life to be full of zestMay you thrive each and every test. You were made with love & care,You are destined for greatness. I hope you know that with your kind heart,Your fierce mind & brave spiritYou can do anything. Be… Continue reading *** My Dear Little Boy ***

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*** Two Many Milestones ***

The second year went in such a swift. I could hardly document any of his major milestones. Today, I take this day to highlight the things he does or knows before he turns Two tomorrow. He speaks in Four languages already – Kutchi, Gujarati, English & Hindi. He can form sentences and communicates well in… Continue reading *** Two Many Milestones ***

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*** A Space called Family ***

The day you become parents is also the day you become a family. Like a new promotion in life to be responsible for another little human’s needs and happiness that came through you. Family isn’t made in a day it takes time where you bond, care, share, fight and love yet stick to eachother. A… Continue reading *** A Space called Family ***

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*** Combined Parenting Style ***

To continue from my last post in which i asked about which parenting style you choose. Many of you answered liberal, flexible, depends on situation etc. Basically there are different parenting styles that we can possibly adapt. Since you become a new parent there is no such manual that teaches you or instructs you to… Continue reading *** Combined Parenting Style ***

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*** Two Wild Years Of Parenting ***

Looking back to the times when we were reluctant to the questions on family planning. To becoming one and dawning into parenting feels like a wild journey in itself. It seems a little while ago we had him in our arms and in a blink he’s already two. Even though it feels like a blink… Continue reading *** Two Wild Years Of Parenting ***

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*** Things to Bond Over #21dayslockdown *** .

A week into lockdown already seems like whole lot of time. By now, I am sure everyone would have adjusted to the new normal routines. Incase you’re still wondering bore ho raha hai here is an idea list for you guys to bond over things you actually can while quarantined at home. Do try and… Continue reading *** Things to Bond Over #21dayslockdown *** .