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*** Self Love is Hard ***

Definetly takes time and many kind of experiences to understand what self love means to you. We do many things in life on basis what people will think of you or your standards or family in society. From childhood we are conditioned that we or the things we do should get validation for example ‘very… Continue reading *** Self Love is Hard ***

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*** Proud of Myself ***

How many of us say this to ourselves?? The daily grind & hustle somewhere leaves you so drained that you forget to acknowledge your self worth. In the last few days, I have been more proud of myself for pulling off the days with utmost compassion & efficiency. Not only, I had to be the… Continue reading *** Proud of Myself ***

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*** Silver Lining ***

Let’s face the storms,Create our own rainbows. Life is a beautiful journey,With you my little companion. Some days are tough &Some days you become tough. Let’s Sail through this phase together,You’re the silver lining to my dark clouds. This battle is more of a state of mind,Taking this time to rest & unwind. Doing much… Continue reading *** Silver Lining ***

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*** Ten Grateful Experiences of 2020 ***

Twenty twenty isn’t anyone’s favourite year for sure. But I am thankful for this year, I had ten beautiful experiences in middle of the pandemic & covid. 1️⃣ On occasion of sharav’s birthday every year we feed few kids in an ngo which was doubtful this year but we did it anyway only thing is… Continue reading *** Ten Grateful Experiences of 2020 ***

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*** Career break to Mompreneur ***

Once you face a career break, I am sure it feels like broken inside for a while until you discover a way out to your dreams fulfilling again. Sharing few thoughts through my experience that helped me feel a bit independent in past two months:- 👉 Discover your talent or passion – It can be… Continue reading *** Career break to Mompreneur ***

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*** Festive Learning ***

Happy Navratri ✨ Finally, feeling some festive vibes when you get to dress up for the festivals. Festivals are more of creating that aura around and soak everyone into the vibes. For some reason this year we did the Kanya Pooja early i.e. today which is otherwise performed on Ashtami. So it was a full… Continue reading *** Festive Learning ***

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*** Twinning & Winning ***

This short trip was more of an experience & lots of excitements. While we spent most of the time experiencing things & soaking in the slow life. After seeing tons of mother-daughter twinnings pics on the gram. I was like why not mother-son twinning and that’s exactly how our bond has come out with the… Continue reading *** Twinning & Winning ***

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*** Admire the Nature’s Beauty ***

He looked around the greenary,He soaked into it’s natural beauty. Small flowers caught his attention,Not one inhibition in his intention. As little butterflies fluttered around,He ran to catch them on the ground. He kept admiring every little creature,Fed his curiosity with their unique feature. He walked into the pastures all alone,The winds that kept him… Continue reading *** Admire the Nature’s Beauty ***

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*** 2020 Holiday Checklist ***

It’s unlock happening everywhere and with that we also gathered some courage to step out and took a small weekend road trip to Lonavala. Sharing list of things that you can keep handy wherever you plan to go with a kid along:- 🎒 Make sure you don’t have any cold symptoms.🎒 Opt for Road travels… Continue reading *** 2020 Holiday Checklist ***

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*** Caught in Action ***

First they will ask why you doing it?? Then They will ask how you did it?? Agree? 😉 That’s what most of them think when I am on my phone. It’s a basic fact that we stay at home mom’s don’t get dedicated work hours and in between 10 other things (not to forget the… Continue reading *** Caught in Action ***